Seyl & Treyl

is an enthusiastic band from Oudewater in The Netherlands.

Just like the name of the group their repertoire is very varied, but always with a connection to the sea

Seyl is old fashioned Dutch for Sail. Treyl stands for rigging amongst which heavy steel lines. This is totally different from the textile of which the sails consist. Very different but both crucial for seagoing vessels. Just like the music of this group, that can be both enthusiastic, but also serious. However always connected to life on and in the water.

This water can be the sea in far exotic places, but also the water from the nearby river Hollandsche IJssel. They sing about rivers, lakes, seas, boats, men and women, and love. Certainly this last subject is very commonly used in their songs and very often with a strong wink.

The repertoire consist of both Dutch and English songs.


The members of Seyl & Treyl are:

Janet van Diest  (vocals accordion and base-ukelele)

Bert Dost  (vocals and guitar)

Hilde Hegeman  (vocals, accordion and flute)

Jan Scholman  (vocals and percussion)


For more information or bookings, please call or mail to:
Jan Scholman
GSM: +31 651385062

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